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OneNote is the new tool provided by Microsoft which may be found in the Office package. The program, whose function is to act as a personal notepad presents a wide variety of resources for you to annotate and organize any significant findings.

You can take notes quickly or spend a little time to write them with greater degree detail. In addition, OneNote enables complete written notes with image files, graphics or multimedia files.

But of what use to take notes if you can not organize them coherently after? Microsoft Office OneNote enables you to input notes, trademarks or any reminders so you can then classify your work more efficiently.

Another interesting feature is its compatibility with Tablet PC, so that it is not necessary to use the keypad to make your notes. You only need to have the PC Tablet available to use. You may use search engine and editing functions, etc in the same way as if you had typed in the text.

To use the trial version, it is necessary to have a password that will be given to you for free if you go to this website: form.


The trial version is functional for 60 days

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